A new Barbie will talk via the Internet with their owner. For this she draws on the issues of children and sends them to Mattel. Using speech recognition is to be an appropriate response is sent back to the doll.
The toy manufacturer Mattel has introduced a smart Barbie. The puppet is connected by a wireless access to the Internet and will thus become a “Smart Toy”. However, the doll learns through this technological intelligence not only to speak but also to spy: A built-in microphone hear conversations in the nursery with, send them via the Internet to Mattel, which then a voice recognition software generates the appropriate response, and sends back to the doll. To be able to speak with the Barbie children.

Recently Samsung was noticed by such a reference, the user of smart TVs warns leading private conversations in front of TV, as this will be recorded and transmitted. The accompanying voice recognition program works similarly to the toy. In Mattel’s technology provider ToyTalk there is also a similar warning.

For advertising purposes the recorded material will not be used, the manufacturer assures against the technology magazine Register. However, parents might have about the future if necessary a weekly email summary of the discussions of their children with the doll.